cadria path

Difficulty: Medium
Footage: 32km
Lenght: 2h 40min

Mountainbike path: Cadria


Difficulty: Medium
Footage: 32km
Lenght: 2h 40min

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Dislivello 1300mt


This is the fourth reccomanded path: there are many ways to reach this Valvestino locality but we'll choose a fully ridable way.
We start from Costa (750 meters high) 1 in the direction of Bocca Paolone (947 meters high) 2. Here we go straight on and we start to rise on an offroad till Passo Colomba (1109 meters high) where the road become more plain and we can reach Passo d'Ere (1129 meters high) 3. We now keep the left and we proceed to Passo Scarpapè where we'll find some small tunnels and a then a bigger one, entirely dig in the rock.
Then we'll reach Passo Scarpapè (1242 meters high) 4 and we'll take the left again till Passo Puria (1374 meters high). 5 Now starts the downhill that will lead us to the bottom of the valley and then up till the crossroad 6 for Cima Rest, Malga Tombea and Denai.
We'll take the path for Cima Rest, passing trough Malga Alvezza and then the village of Cima Rest (1200 meters high) 7, very typical village thanks to the straw roofs of its hauses. We'll keep riding on the oaved road in the direction of Cadria (943 meters high) 8. Here we reach a big fountain with very cold water and then we turn left for Malga Puria and Passo Scarpapè 4, traveling backwards the road we made before: Passo d'Ere 3, Bocca Paolone 2 and then Costa 1.

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